Da fuk!!!!???????

What is this crazy form of torture disguised as exercise and entertainment???
This may be the single most difficult exercise I have ever done. My body is not designed to move like that!!!!

It was a beginners class but I think I may have misunderstood the word “beginner”. It seemed like every other person in the class had not only done
The class before, but were ballet child prodigies in their day!!
I had no idea what the hell was going on. The teacher would be talking directly to me and I just was incapable of understanding the words she was saying. I am sure it was English, but just not sure. It may be that the entire time I was there I was busy mentally planning my escape through the tiny windows or swinging from the roof. Who knows!!

How are your feet supposed to turn out like that? And why is double time so fast? And what is there an “idiots guide”?

Parents who send their children to ballet classes- what are you doing? This is a form of torture!! Love your children!!! Lol

On a positive note. One of the older ladies from the class knocked on my car window as I was about to drive home to let me know that male ballet dancers have the best stamina in bed out of every sportsmen!!! Not sure what study she is quoting but I am interested in being a guineapig 😉

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